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We look forward to you dining with us at Tasty Kabob

If you have a craving for kabobs, we've got the place for you. You can find a wide selection of kabobs and other Persian dishes at Tasty Kabob. If you haven't been yet, now's the time to stop by.

The owner of Tasty Kabob, Eshi was born in Iran and has lived in El Paso for over 35 years. Eshi has always loved cooking traditional Persian meals and is excited to share this appetizing cuisine with the El Paso community.

If you're in the mood for delicious kabobs, stews and rice dishes, stop by Tasty Kabob today.

What makes Persian food so unique?

Persian food isn't quite like Mediterranean or Middle Eastern food. Since the Silk Road ran right through the region now known as Iran, Persian food has influences from Greek, Chinese, Indian and Arabic cuisines. Some fun facts you should know about Persian food include:

  • The kabob was first developed by Persians. At Tasty Kabob, we put our own spin on traditional Persian recipes.
  • Persian dishes often pair vinegary or acidic foods with savory or fatty foods for a balance that is delicious and easy to digest.
  • Some Persian dishes can take an entire day to prepare. At Tasty Kabob, we cut, marinate and prepare our food in-house every day.
Experience a rich culinary history with every bite of your dish.

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